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Breastmilk Bottle Starter Set

New: The is now available! Try both the Breastmilk Bottle and the Flexy Silicone Bottle all in one set!

Our best-selling Breastmilk Bottle Starter Set is the perfect introduction to our range of innovate baby feeding products. Focused on health, convenience, and style, the Starter Set includes everything pumping moms need to feed a breastfed baby.

Our nutrient-preserving are shaped like mom for instinctual connections with no nipple confusion. They warm safely and evenly 2x faster than standard bottles, helping to avoid hot spots, preserve vital breast milk nutrients, and prevent bacterial growth. They also stack to save space and are easy to clean! This baby bottle set is a great addition to your baby registry or as a gift any expecting parent will love.

The Nanobébé Starter Set includes:

  • 4 Breastmilk Bottles (5 oz.)- Designed to preserve your breast milk nutrients and provide an all-in-one convenient feeding routine.
  • 1 Non-Electric Warming Bowl- The unique geometry of bottle and bowl enables quick, safe, and even warming without electricity ( ).
  • 2 Flexy Pacifiers (0-3m)- One-piece silicone construction adheres to the American Academy of Pediatrics’ guidelines for newborns.
  • 2 Breast Pump Adapters- Express directly into your Nanobébé bottles, connects to most standard breast pumps, including Medela and Ameda (  available separately).
  • 4 Slow Flow Silicone Nipples- Feature an advanced anti-colic venting system and a slow flow rate perfect for newborns and breast-fed babies.
  • 4 Nipple Travel Covers- Take your fresh supply anywhere with your infant.
  • 4 Bottle Storage Caps- For use when storing and stacking bottles.

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