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Indigo Dye Kit & Good Toddler T-Shirt

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Looking for something fun, guilt-free and creative to do? We’ve got a really GOOD project for you. Introducing our Indigo dye kit, complete with a Good Tee, gives the beginner dyer a perfect introduction into the beauty and wonder of creating colour from nature and customizing your own unique t-shirt. The best part about this, is it’s sustainable, a guilt-free project, with minimal environmental impact.

Indigo (indigofera tinctoria) species are the world's only source of natural, true, colourfast blue. A magical dyestuff that has been used around the world as a dye since pre-historic times, the culture and wonder that surrounds this plant is immense.

Indigo cannot be dyed in the same way as other dyes, but must be used to create a "living" vat, which is achieved through a sort of fermentation process.


Kit Contains:

  1. A t-shirt in any size you need. Included are the ingredients to dye around 2-3 medium adult t-shirts and rubber bands. The kit also includes comprehensive instructions on how to create and use the vat. 
  2. This kit contains the pre-measured ingredients to create one organic fructose vat, with which you can dye quite a bit of fibre - how much a kit will dye depends on a few things, including how dark you want the blue to be, and what fibres you use. But it will dye a lot! As a general ballpark, you could expect to dye at least 2-3 t-shirts to a medium blue, and probably more, and darker if you wish.
  3. indigofera tinctoria powder, extracted from the plant, pickling lime (calx), and fructose sugar.

Please note that the dyed fibres in the photos are not included. They are there to show you what colours you can expect to achieve with the dye.


Dye Contents:

20g indigofera tinctoria powder, extracted from the plant, 40g pickling lime (calx), 60g fructose sugar.

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