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Natural Dye Kit Logwood & Osage Sawdust & Good Toddler T-Shirt

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Looking for something fun, guilt-free, and creative to do? We’ve got a really GOOD project for you. Introducing our natural dye kit, complete with a Good Tee, gives the beginner dyer a perfect introduction to the beauty and wonder of creating colour from nature and customizing your own unique t-shirt. The best part about this is it’s sustainable, a guilt-free project, with minimal environmental impact.


DIY Kit Contains:

  1. A toddler t-shirt in any size you need and rubber bands. Comprehensive instructions in the kit will take you through the step-by-step process of preparing your fibres and dyeing with these dried dyestuffs.
  2. Included are the ingredients to dye around 2-3 medium adult t-shirts. 
  3. Alum(a food-safe ingredient made of potassium aluminum sulfate) as the mordant(for colorfast), and Gallnut, tannin powder made from the galls formed on oak trees, for pre-mordanting.
  4. Logwood chips(haematoxylon campechianum), which yield gorgeous soft purples, osage sawdust(maclura pomifera) for yellow,

Please note that the dyed fibres in the photos are not included. They are there to show you what colours you can expect to achieve with the dye.


Dye Contents:

35 g alum, 25g gallnut,15g logwood, 15g osage sawdust

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